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Who Are The National Association of Petroleum Investment Analysts?

The National Association of Association of Petroleum Investment Analysts, better known as the (NAPIA), is a not for profit organization of investment professionals specializing in the petroleum industry and the securities of its component companies, that is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The NAPIA’s members range from buying and selling analysts, portfolio managers, consultants, investment bankers, investor relation executives, educators and those who just want to invest in the petroleum industry.


This group started simply as a forum for analysts and company representatives to come together in an open environment to share contacts and information. It quickly became evident by educating each other they were all able to make better investments. Knowledge is power. The group grew quickly and was well respected for its knowledge and ability to affect the petroleum market itself. The NAPIA regularly holds seminars, sends papers and newsletters, field trips and events to ensure they are keeping their members well informed. By bringing together the buying and selling sides of the petroleum industry they are able to keep an interaction of ideas and information between the analysts, executives, investors, consultants, and even the industry experts.

Membership into this group is offered for $380.00 annually and their membership application is available at www.napia.org. Aside from the benefits of being informed, all members receive an annual directory which reads like a who’s who in petroleum and an annual dinner where professionals are recognized for their milestones and contributions.


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